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Founded in 2003 in United Kingdom, Koin Credit enables financial institutions to capitalize on the burgeoning digital asset economy.

Koin Credit is headquartered in Kent, United Kingdom and has 500+ employees in its offices in the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Hungary, Russia, Japan, India, China, Singapore, Ireland and Estonia. IBKR is regulated by the SEC, FINRA, NYSE, FCA and other regulatory agencies around the world.

We provide trading services that use only renewable energy. The platform is intended for both beginners and professionals in the field of cryptocurrency. When using our service, our users get the opportunity to control their profits around the clock, and the company at that time takes care of all the concerns to ensure safety and smooth operation.

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Seamlessly manage keys and interactions across the entire trading stack.

Koin Credit is an orchestration system for digital assets trading. From cryptocurrency custody and trading to tokenization, staking and smart contract management, the platform seamlessly connects institutions to the new world of decentralized finance.

The platform enables financial and non-financial institutions of all sizes—from small to large banks, asset managers and corporates—to store, trading and manage assets while ensuring full regulatory compliance.

Digital asset technology for Real Estate.

We aim to enable financial and non-financial institutions of all sizes to manage digital Real Estate assets with the highest security and flexibility.

At Koin Credit we put our customers first. That means we will never compete against them. We provide the cutting-edge technology, they execute successful digital asset business models on top.

Our work to advance the industry

Koin Credit is proud to be a member of a number of organisations transforming the financial services industry through the regulated and responsible development of distributed ledger technology.


How is Koin Credit able to pay interest on my cryptoSimilar to a conventional savings account, Koin Credit allows you to earn interest on your assets by using them to retail trading rigs.

However, the key difference is that we lend you our trading hashrate only on an overcollateralized basis. We keep our rates stable over time because of Koin Credit’s risk policy to never lend without collateral. Your funds are backed no matter how the market moves, practically eliminating risk.?

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Your trading Plan, which in turn depends on the ratio of deposit Crypto against the balance of trading rig in our portfolio.

To receive Higher interest on your crypto, you have to choose higher trading rigs.

We are raising the bar for the entire blockchain space by utilizing the most rigorous KYC and AML policies, impeccable risk assessment, data protection, and enhanced cybersecurity.